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When it comes to facial rejuvenation, surgery is not always the only answer. A lot of men and women struggle with some of the most common signs of facial aging like skin sagging, wrinkles, facial folds, and the loss of facial volume over the years. While procedures like a facelift or brow lift can address some of these issues, non-surgical facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers is a viable option for some that can provide excellent results.



What are Dermal Fillers?



Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic injectable that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, folds, and sagging across various areas of the face. Through several quick and simple injections, dermal fillers are able to restore the beautiful contours of your face while giving the skin a fuller and more youthful overall appearance.



How Do Dermal Fillers Work?



There are multiple factors that contribute to facial aging. Facial volume loss is one of the biggest contributing factors. Facial volume is what gives areas like your cheeks their full appearance and attractive contours. As the body ages, facial volume is slowly lost over the years which causes areas like the cheeks to droop or become sunken, wrinkles, and facial folds.



Another factor that contributes to facial aging is the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and helps the tissue hold on to moisture to keep the skin hydrated and plump. The body slowly produces less and less hyaluronic acid which means the skin can no longer retain moisture as well.



The hyaluronic acid dermal fillers we use can address both of these issues. The dermal fillers come in the form of a thick gel that actually adds volume to the areas it is injected into right away. This provides instant volume which lifts up and smooths out the facial skin. The hyaluronic acid within these dermal fillers will allow the facial skin to hold on to moisture for longer which will keep the skin full and youthful looking for much longer.



What to Expect



The treatment process for dermal fillers is actually relatively simple. The process starts with a consultation where London cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hamza can analyze your face and skin so that he can create a customized plan for your dermal filler treatment.



Dermal filler injections are performed in-office. To prep for the injections, our team will cleanse your skin and may mark the areas where the injections will be made. The injections are made using a fine needle. Dr. Hamza will inject precise amounts of filler into the area based on what is needed to achieve your desired results. The injections are not painful though some discomfort may be felt.



With non-surgical facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers, there is no lengthy recovery period. You should be able to resume most of your normal activities right away though more strenuous activities should be avoided for a few days.



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To learn more about dermal fillers or to find out if you are a good candidate for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamza.