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A woman’s breasts help define her femininity. With the vast differences in shape, size and appearance, breasts further help to reflect her individuality. Therefore, changes that affect the breasts can make women feel as if they are losing some of their femininity. Under the care of Dr. Foued Hamza, a breast reduction or breast lift in London can help restore more youthful breast contours, so patients can look and feel their best. 

What Are Breast Uplift & Reduction Procedures?

Many factors can contribute to sagging of the breasts, including genetics, the ageing process, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain or loss, and hormonal fluctuations. Breasts that were once firm and shapely often begin to droop, giving them a loose or heavy appearance.

Breast uplift surgery involves the removal of excess skin and the reshaping of breast tissue to raise the breasts. It is often performed for women whose breasts have lost firmness and begun to sag, usually due to weight changes, pregnancy, the aging process, or the steady downward pull of gravity.

Dr. Foued Hamza can reduce the volume of the breast at the same time to help restore firmness and shape, which will improve body contours and give the breasts a perky and youthful appearance.

Breast uplift surgery can also be combined with breast augmentation to give you fuller breasts (breast fat injection or implants).

London Breast Uplift by Dr. Hamza

Breast Uplift and Reduction Before and After photo by Dr. Hamza in London

London Breast Uplift by Dr. Hamza

Benefits of Breast Uplift

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improvement in posture and reduced chance of backaches
  • A wider choice of bras/swimwear
  • Ability to wear tops without a bra
  • The ability to wear more fitted clothing
  • Rejuvenation of the breasts

Ideal Candidates

A breast reduction is ideal for people with very large breasts that cause chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain, nerve pain, skin irritation, or chronic rashes under the breasts. It also helps patients whose breasts make fitting into clothing and bras difficult.

A breast uplift is ideal for those whose breasts have lost volume and shape, whose nipples have fallen lower than their breast creases when left unsupported, and whose areolae and nipples are pointing downward. It is also recommended for those with one breast falling lower than the other.

Breast uplift & reduction procedures are not recommended for very obese people, people who cannot quit smoking before the procedure, or people who want to avoid post-surgical marks.

These procedures are not ideal for women who plan to get pregnant, because the pregnancy may stretch the breasts, offsetting the surgery’s aesthetic results.

Your Breast Uplift & Reduction Consultation

During the consultation, we will ask you more about your goals and expectations for your breast uplift or reduction. We will examine your breasts’ shape, size, and skin quality, along with areolae and nipple position.

We will ask about any pre-existing medical conditions, past surgeries, drug allergies, and current medications and supplements. We will also inquire about alcohol and tobacco use and any family history of breast cancer.

Next, we will discuss your options and create a surgical plan. We will go over the details of the surgery, including anesthesia, preparation, and recovery.

The Vertical Technique

This breast surgery is performed either under general anesthetic or under local anesthetic with sedation, and is often treated as a day case, meaning you will not have to stay in the hospital overnight. The procedure usually takes between one and two hours.

Dr. Foued Hamza is very famous for his skill in performing breast uplift surgery. He usually uses the vertical technique. This approach involves a V-shaped incision that extends around the top of the areola and down the midline of the breast.

The skin is then lifted and stitched in its new position and the excess skin is removed. The nipples will then be repositioned to ensure that your newly positioned breasts look as natural as possible.

Although this procedure is slightly more invasive, it achieves a larger degree of lift. Therefore, this type of incision is appropriate for individuals with larger breasts and moderate to severe breast ptosis.

Breast Uplift and Reduction Before and After photo by Dr. Hamza in London

London Breast Uplift and Reduction by Dr. Hamza

Breast Uplift and Reduction Before Photo by Dr. Hamza in LondonBreast Uplift and Reduction After Photo by Dr. Hamza in London


London Breast Uplift and Reduction Before And After Photo by Dr. Foued Hamza

Your Breast Uplift and Reduction will be performed in Dr. Hamza‘s surgery center located in London.

The Recovery Process

After the surgery, your incisions will be covered in bandages or dressings. You will be asked to wear a support bra or elastic bandage to reduce swelling and support the breasts during recovery. A tiny tube called a drain may be inserted to carry out excess fluid or blood.

Pay close attention to the post-surgical recovery instructions given by Dr. Hamza and follow them diligently. You will need to return for a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing.

How Much Does a Breast Uplift and Reduction Cost?

Every breast surgery is unique, so the price of your breast lift and/or breast reduction will depend on your anatomy and desired outcome. After assessing the treatment area and learning about your goals for breast surgery, Dr. Hamza will explain your treatment options and the associated costs.

Schedule a Consultation 

Dr. Hamza’s patients frequently report a greater sense of confidence and an improved quality of life after breast uplift & reduction surgeries. To find out if a breast uplift or reduction in London is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamza. 


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