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I read so many negative reviews regarding to pain after the surgery which made me really anxious and stressed. I did my surgery yesterday back, flanks, tummy and fat transfer to hip dips. I felt pain yes but I could handle it. It was like I did a lot of squats lunges and sit ups, thats it. I could wake up but myself after 4 hours from surgery, walk alone, used the stairs and went to the bathroom by my own. Important to walk slowly don’t rush. I wish that I found good review like this before surgery for sure I would be more calm.


Highly recommended and excellent service! I am extremely happy with my breast augmentation. I couldnt have chosen a better doctor. Such a patient and helpful perosn. I am extremely glad that i ve choosen to work with such a talented doctor 🙂


I had my BBL with Dr. Hamza a few weeks ago and the experience was just great.

Dr. Hamza walked me through the process and made sure I was always comfortable and the result is much better than I could have ever expected.

I am only a few weeks post-op but my figure has already much improved.

I could not be happier with the result so far and I would cchcoose Dr. Hamz and his team again to get my proceudre done.

The day of the procedure everything went smoothly and the staff at the hospital was very nice and make me comfortable.

Dr. Hamza removed 6 liters of fat to cocntour my body and the result is just stunning. I cannot wait to see the final result.


Excellent doctor with very good experience in the cosmetic! Thanks for give me the chance to see in the mirror again my self esteem was very down! Thanks for making me sexy! I recommend to leave in his hands and don’t get disappointed!


I was extremely happy with the results and care! Dr Hamza knows exactly what he is doing. He and hospital personnel take great care of me. It was very valuable being as a foreigner in the country, which is not my home country.

Verified Client

I am 22 years of age and always had a problem with my breasts as they caused quite a lot of back, neck and shoulder problems for me. I was interested to do a breast reduction and after reviewing Dr Hamza’s work I felt very confident and went in for a consultation. Everything was perfect! Dr Hamza guided me thru the whole process, explained how he would go about the operation and even answered any concerns which I had. Today I can say that I am very satisfied with my choice, in total I had 2kg removed (0.8kg left breast and 1.2kg right breast) with no major incisions. After leaving the hospital Dr Hamza still followed up on my recovery progress and still answered any questions which I had after. I would like to thank Dr Hamza and his amazing dedicated team for their great work! Thanks to you I have my strength and life back!


I had real great experience with Dr Hamza and his team, they have all be so helpful and informative! Dr Hamza listens what I wanted and understood me well. I was very nervous on the day of operation, but Dr Hamza assured me everything will be fine and he did his promise, he have performed a beautiful art on my body. strong recommend!


Having a genetically flat, V-shaped bottom, I wanted to achieve a more rounded, fuller appearance, with better projection, but with a very natural look.
I had a BBL procedure with Dr Hamza on August the 9th, I’m at the 7th day post op and so far it looks like the best choice I could do.The result looks exactly what I was after, and I just hope it’ll settle like this.Dr Hamza is the absolute best in this procedure, he’s able to understand the physiology of their patients as well as interpret well their wishes, and work his magic.A special note to his and his assistant’s Lamia amazing bedside manners, especially with many rescheduling coming from these challenging times and personal circumstances, that saw dr Hamza doing the extra mile to make sure everything could go as scheduled.Definitely recommended!


I have never heard about the procedure before I had my first consultation with Dr Hamza. Both Dr Hamza and his assistant were so nice and helpful to reply to all my queries both before and after the procedure. I am in my third week of recovery and happy with the current result.


I am so happy I ended up going with dr.Hamza, he listened to what I wanted and gave me his guidance when choosing size and what result I was after and always gave me his honest opinion which I appreciate. I was terrified to have surgery as it was my first time but it was so smooth sailing and practically pain free, only discomfort. I would rate my experience a 10/10 as I got exactly what I wanted – now almost 4 months post op and my breasts look amazing and feel as though they are a part of my body. Super happy with the overall experience and would never go with another surgeon.

Verified Client

After having multiple consultations with different surgeons, I finally came across Dr. Hamza who understood exactly what I wanted. On the day of the surgery, the team at Welbeck Hospital was splendid and cared for me well. Almost four weeks post-op and I am healing well and cannot wait to see results once everything completely settled. Dr. Hamza has done a great job and Lamia has been so helpful and thorough with her communication. I made the best choice.

Verified Client

Dr Hamza performed a breast augmentation using my own fat and I can’t recommend him enough. Super job well done and very helpful before and after procedure. Thank you for an amazing job and for being so professional. 10/10


I had a mummy tummy after having twins – no matter how much I exercised I still looked pregnant. After losing 2 stone and getting back to my ideal weight- I was so sad that my stomach still was there! I went to see Dr Humza – I have never had cosmetic surgery and was very reluctant to have a full tummy tuck. Dr Humza assured me I could achieve the same result with Lipo and fat transfer to the breast. It sounded so good – and trust me, it is! The surgery was flawless – yes, sore on day but I went back to work the next day (I work from home) and 2 weeks later – I’m astounded. Dr Humza showed me the before and after and I am unrecognisable to the ageing mummy body – my stomach is flat and my breasts are a full cup size bigger, fuller and look lifted! If you’re contemplating surgery – go for it. I wish I’d done it sooner instead of procrastinating. Thank you Dr Humza and Lucia for the care, attention and absolutely mind blowing results.

Twin Mum

I can’t thank you enough Dr. Hamza for your care throughout my entire experience with you. I have done the buttocks implants and I am beyond pleased with my results and overwhelmed by your patience and kindness. You have my highest recommendation for any new patient. Also I have to thank Lamia Roger, Dr. Hamza right hand…. she is the most amazing and sweetest. I am so thankful

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Absolutely impeccable work. I have only words of praise for Dr.Hamza and his team. This was life changing for me. From the moment i opened my eyes after surgery I was instantly amazed with the results. It is not only about the results but also the healing process was very smooth thanks to Dr.Hamza’s phenomenal work. Couldn’t be happier.

Savinna C.

Very good experience

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(Translated by Google) Thanks to the doctor, he operated on me several times in France and in Tunisia. He also gave me injections that last a long time. Respectfully . Loly / leila

Merci au docteur, il m a opéré a plusieurs reprises et france et en tunisie. Il m a également fait des injections qui durent longtemps. Respectueusement . Loly/leila
Visited in March 2020


Thank you Dr Hamza, I’m very pleased with my liposuction. You are the Best!

Sabrina A.

Great surgeon! I had 2 surgeries with him ( rhinoplasty may 2014 and bbl feb 2017) and the result is just awesome!
Recommanded to a friend of mine who is also totalmy satisfied! thx a lot dr!

Zaza N.

(Translated by Google) Excellent cosmetic surgeon thank you doctor hamza I am a very old patient and 8 years after my intervention I am fully satisfied with your surgery. Yours sincerely, doctor hamza

Excellent chirurgien esthétique merci docteur hamza je suis une très ancienne patiente et 8 ans après mon intervention je suis pleinement satisfaite de votre geste chirurgicale . Vous Bien à vous docteur hamza

Vive le yoga Vive le yoga

(Translated by Google) I did a gluteal lipofilling with Dr. Hamza 4 months ago and the result is MAGNIFICENT !!! Super doctor who is listening and always available if you have questions (I admit I’m anxious). He also made me botox and injections of hyaluronic acid which I am satisfied too. I recommend it 100% Many thanks Dr. Hamza you changed my life !!

J’ai fait un lipofilling fessier avec le Dr Hamza il y a 4 mois et le résultat est MAGNIFIQUE!!! Super docteur qui est à l’écoute et toujours disponible si on a des questions (je l’admet je suis une angoissée ). Il m’a également fait du botox et des injections d’acide hyaluronique dont je suis satisfaite aussi. Je le recommande à 100% Mille mercis Dr Hamza vous avez changé ma vie!!

Aminata D.

(Translated by Google) Excellent surgeon. Liposuction and perfect lipofilling. Thank you Doctor HAMZA for your thoroughness, your kindness and your professionalism.

Excellent chirurgien. Liposuccion et lipofilling parfait. Merci Docteur HAMZA pour votre rigueur, votre gentillesse et votre professionnalisme.

Jennifer B.

(Translated by Google) Super surgeon that I recommend to everyone !!!!! He operated on me 12 years ago for breast prostheses. I came back to see him a month ago to change my implants and prepare my figure for the summer. He gave me liposuction with an injection of fat in the buttocks at the same time. Super result and above all super natural. Dr Hamza is a real magician, honest and very kind.

Super chirurgien que je recommande à tous et toutes!!!!! Il m’a opérée il y a 12 ans de prothèses mammaire. Je suis revenu le voir il y a un mois pour changer mes implants et preparer ma silhouette pour l’été. Il m’a fait une liposuccion avec une injection de graisse dans les fesses en meme temps. Super résultat et surtout super naturelle. Dr Hamza est un vrai magicien, honnête et très gentil.

Christine B.

(Translated by Google) Very good cosmetic surgeon. I consulted him for several things and he executed them perfectly. On the other hand, he does not agree with everything, for example ok for a lippo of love handles, but he told me no when I asked him to edit my nose that he found very well. Ditto for a friend who wanted pectoral implants he refused because “he was already useless”. So very very serious practitioner (at first we have trouble with him in consultation because he tells you the things super “cash” and he does not answer your questions in a very friendly way) and he also tends to you answer things like “of course it’s feasible” (as if you were an idiot to ask the question), sometimes very easily, so we do not really know if we have to do to someone well or not, but in the end, and after comparison with others, the job is nickel. For example I had already done lipo, and what I noticed noticeable with Hamza is the tiny scars even for large areas (after a month it’s like I had scratched myself a button on the skin) while with other practitioners after 6 months I had a visible caloid. No seriously, I’m very happy. Almost no blues after the lipo (which means that it was smooth and not like crazy) … no frankly, go with your eyes closed but be careful, he may not say yes for everything and maybe will not be super lovable, but what he will do about you will be at the top, and finally it is essential;)

Très bon chirurgien esthétique. Je l’ai consulté pour plusieurs choses et il les a executées parfaitement. En revanche, il n’est pas d’accord pour tout, par exemple ok pour une lippo des poignées d’amour, mais il m’a dit non quand je lui ai demandé de retoucher mon nez qu’il trouvait très bien. Idem pour un ami qui voulait des implants pectoraux il a refusé car “il en avait déjà donc inutile”. Donc praticien très très sérieux (au début on a du mal avec lui en consultation parce qu’il vous dit les choses super “cash” et qu’il ne répond pas à vos questions de façon super aimable) et il a aussi tendance à vous répondre des choses du genre “bien sûr que c’est faisable” (comme si vous étiez un idiot d’avoir posé la question), parfois très facilement, du coup on ne sait pas trop si on a à faire à quelqu’un de bien ou pas, mais au final, et après comparaison avec d’autres, le boulot est nickel. Par exemple j’avais déjà fait des lipo, et ce que j’ai remarqué de notable avec Hamza, c’est les cicatrices minuscules même pour de grosses zones (au bout d’un mois c’est comme si je m’étais gratté un bouton sur la peau) alors qu’avec les autres praticiens au bout de 6 mois j’avais une caloïde visible. Non sérieusement je suis super content. Presque pas de bleus après la lipo (ce qui veut dire qu’il y a été en douceur et pas comme un dératé)… non franchement, allez-y les yeux fermés mais attention, il ne dira peut-être pas oui pour tout et ne sera peut-être pas super aimable, mais ce qu’il fera sur vous sera au top, et finalement c’est l’essentiel 😉

François-Olivier KALIFE de S.