Financing Policy

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It is very important to us, and to you, that all of our prospective patients fully understand their financial obligations, our payment and cancellation policies prior to electing to undergoing your elective surgery with us.

Because of the high demand for surgery to be performed by Dr Hamza, the following payment terms will apply to all patients :

The Surgery Fee you have been quoted includes payment for your actual surgery and all routine postoperative visits with Dr Hamza for one year from the date of your surgery.
The Surgery Fee quote is valid for
SIX MONTHS from the quote date.



1. Deposit :

The deposit is valid for six months from the date of payment. The value of the deposit will expire after a period of six months.

30% non-refundable scheduling and booking deposit fee is due and payable at the time your surgery is secured on our surgery schedule. This deposit is non-refundable in all cases.


2. Surgery Balance :

The remaining surgery balance is due at least 21 days prior to the surgery date.
Reserved operating time may not be held and is subject to release it full payment is not received tree weeks prior to the surgery date.

Acceptable forms of payment are : cash, debit card and bank transfer


3. Rescheduling of surgery :

To reschedule your surgery, please notify us at least 3 weeks in advance. Your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled surgery date, as long as it occurs within six months of the date the deposit was given. If surgery cannot be rescheduled within six months, the deposit can be used for other services.


4. Cancellation and refund Policy :

Your surgery time with Dr Hamza is booked and reserved for you well in advance. Late cancellations create significant problems for our schedule and therefore :

  • If surgery is cancelled for any reason more than 31 days prior to the surgery, you will be refunded all fees, except for the non-refundable 30% deposit, which is transferable to other services.
  • If you cancel your surgery between 31 days and 21 days prior to the surgery date, 50% of surgery fee will be refunded except for the non-refundable 30% deposit, which is transferable to other services.
  • If you cancel your surgery less than 21 days prior to surgery date, NO refund will be given.
  • The consultation is non-refundable.


5. Revision surgery Policy :

In some cases, revision surgery to improve the procedure outcome may be needed.

If a revision procedure should be necessary, the patient is responsible to pay in full all of the related facility and anesthesia fees. The patient is also responsible for the surgeon’s fee, which will be at a reduced rate, determined upon follow up consultation.

­No finance offered


Buttock remodelling and augmentation from £8,000
Liposuction from £5,000
Breast fat graft augmentation from £7,000



Breast Implants from £5,000 excluding implants
Tummy tuck from £8,000
Face lift from £9,000