Pectoral Implants

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Pectoral Implants Introduction

Alongside the traditional six-pack that many men aspire to have, there are an increasing number of men who wish to have better definition in their chest muscles.

Surgical procedures have developed so much that it is now possible for those who want “pecs” to have implants to enhance them.

Pectoral implants add more volume to the pectoral area, making the chest more pronounced and sculpted. This can also complement the other physical features of the patient, such as defined abs and biceps.

Pectoral enhancement involves choosing implants to meet the preferences and goals of the patient and then surgically inserting them into the target areas. This results in a fitter appearance.

Ideal Candidates for Pectoral Implants

Patients who are looking for improved definition and volume for their pectoral muscles are ideal candidates for pectoral implants. Being in good health is vital for this procedure. Patients should have realistic expectations in terms of the results that can be achieved with male chest implants.

Patients who have recently undergone surgery must wait until their recovery is complete to consider this procedure. If you have a serious health condition, this should be addressed first. Excessive drinking and smoking can negatively affect the healing process after pectoral implants.

Your Consultation

Before getting pectoral implants, patients must schedule a consultation. This will help them better understand what is involved, and any concerns they may have can be addressed.

During the consultation, Dr. Hamza will perform a physical examination, and photographs may be taken for before-and-after reference. Dr. Hamza will go over the patient’s complete medical history, including current medications and supplements, past procedures, allergies, and any pre-existing conditions.

Their general health will also be discussed during the consultation, along with their expectations. Other subjects like the cost can be brought up at this time, as well.

Your Pectoral Implants Session

The procedure involving the inserting of pectoral implants starts with administering anesthesia before incisions are made to create a pocket under the pectoral muscles. The implant is then slid into this pocket for both pecs before the incision is cleaned and closed. Surgical dressings are then used to cover the affected areas.

Pectoral Implants Aftercare

Following a successful pectoral augmentation, patients will be advised to get a lot of rest during the recovery period. Some bruising and minor discomfort can be expected, which should go away within a few weeks. No physically demanding task should be performed until the patient fully heals; this includes sports and heavy exercise.

Patients will be provided with prescriptions for pain-control medication and antibiotics to help with the recovery process. A post-surgical elastic garment must be worn for several weeks to help with bruising and swelling.

Patients will return for a follow-up appointment. At this time, Dr. Hamza will check to ensure that the healing process is going as expected without any complications. Sutures will be removed at this time.

Cost of Getting Pectoral Implants

The cost of pectoral implants will depend on several factors, all of which can be addressed during the consultation. Prices varies from case to case based on the specifics of each patient’s surgical plan, including the techniques utilized and anesthesia fees.

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Before & After Photos

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Your New Look

Pectoral implants could be a good option if you are unhappy with the appearance of your chest, and the result will thoroughly enhance the muscles in this region. You will probably be very pleased with the results of your surgery.

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