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Breast Implants


The breast consists of glands and milk ducts, surrounded by fatty tissue which provides its shape and soft form. The elasticity of your skin also contributes to its shape. As you know, certain factors such as age and pregnancy can affect the elasticity of your skin and breast tissue, which results in changes to shape and appearance.

Implants Option

Breast implants differ by shape, texture and profile. Breast implants may be round or contoured, and may have a smooth or textured surface. The breast implant profile may be standard, moderate or high. Lastly, breast implants vary by size or volume. The type, style and size of breast implants you choose are determined by your lifestyle, body contours, the amount of breast tissue you have, and the cup size and appearance that you would like to achieve. Be sure to talk with Dr. Foued Hamza in depth about choosing the breast implant option that is right for you.

Areola Technique

A breast augmentation procedure takes one hour. Prior to the start of your procedure, the treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed and an anesthetic will be administered. A local anesthetic in combination with sedation or general anesthesia will be used.

Breast implants can be placed in two general locations: submuscular and subglandular placement. Dr. Foued Hamza will help determine the implant placement that is best for you. Dr. Foued Hamza will make a single small incision usually placed along the perimeter of the areola. He will carefully separate the breast tissue in order to create a pocket in which to place the breast implant.

Dr. Foued Hamza will insert the implant into the pocket and visually inspect your breasts to ensure that they are symmetric.

The incisions will be closed using sutures. The scars from the incisions will fade slowly over several months, but it may take up to a year for them to disappear completely. As with any surgery, you will most likely experience some pain and swelling after the procedure. Most of the inflammation should subside within a few days; some patients might find that it remains several weeks.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are a number of benefits associated with the cosmetic procedure that tend to include higher self-esteem for the patient undergoing the procedure.

  • Feeling more feminine with a defined “womanly” figure.
  • Having a higher level of confidence and self-esteem.
  • The fit of clothes may improve and in turn, you may feel better wearing them.
  • Your breasts can have a more symmetrical appearance.
  • Changes that occurred following pregnancy, breast-feeding or weight loss can be corrected

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