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Dr. Foued Hamza’s Values

For more than 20 years, Dr. Foued Hamza has worked on the constant improvement of surgery techniques. He has published numerous scientific articles and actively participates in international seminars and conventions. Dr. Foued Hamza is also at the forefront of cosmetic techniques to establish one key goal: his patients’ utmost satisfaction.

Through years of studying the relationship between the beauty of the body, the harmony of its curves and perfecting his skill, Dr. Foued Hamza has developed a unique body sculpting technique. A forerunner to the fat transfer technique, Dr. Foued Hamza is a leading silhouette remodeling specialist through liposuction with fat reinjection for butt and/or breasts.



Dr. Foued Hamza’s Mission

Dr. Foued Hamza’s mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction while offering the highest level of comfort and safety possible. His whole team is entirely devoted to this mission for a more personal approach on a human level and increasing cosmetic surgery safety.

Dr. Foued Hamza’s Vision

Dr. Foued Hamza considers that cosmetic and plastic surgery should be up close and personal: a union between the improvement and mastery of techniques while being constantly attentive in order to better serve his patients.

He has always maintained a close individual relationship with each of his patients: giving honest and direct advice, without judgment, from the first consultation, while listening to their doubts and desires in order to fully understand them to better interpret their demands.