Pectoral Implants

Alongside the traditional six-pack that many men aspire to have, there are an increasing number of men who wish to have better definition in their chest muscles.

Surgical procedures have developed so much that it is now possible for those who want “pecs” to have implants to enhance them.

The Procedure at a Glance

Procedure : A pectoral implant operation involves placing silicone implants beneath the pectoral muscle tissue in order to improve the contours of the chest.

Length : 1 hour.

Anesthesia : Local, epidural or general.

In/Outpatient : Usually outpatient. Extensive procedures may require short inpatient stay.

Side Effects : Temporary bruising, swelling, burning sensation.

Your New Look

Pectoral implants could be a good option if you are unhappy with the appearance of your chest, and the result will thoroughly enhance the muscles in this region. You will probably be very pleased with the results of your surgery.