I had a mummy tummy after having twins – no matter how much I exercised I still looked pregnant. After losing 2 stone and getting back to my ideal weight- I was so sad that my stomach still was there! I went to see Dr Humza – I have never had cosmetic surgery and was very reluctant to have a full tummy tuck. Dr Humza assured me I could achieve the same result with Lipo and fat transfer to the breast. It sounded so good – and trust me, it is! The surgery was flawless – yes, sore on day but I went back to work the next day (I work from home) and 2 weeks later – I’m astounded. Dr Humza showed me the before and after and I am unrecognisable to the ageing mummy body – my stomach is flat and my breasts are a full cup size bigger, fuller and look lifted! If you’re contemplating surgery – go for it. I wish I’d done it sooner instead of procrastinating. Thank you Dr Humza and Lucia for the care, attention and absolutely mind blowing results.